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Kojic Natural Whitening and Brightening Soap

Kojic Natural Whitening and Brightening Soap

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Kojic Natural Soap is an all-natural, safe and gentle yet POWERFUL whitening soap made with KOJIC ACID, PAPAYA, LEMON, CALAMANSI, GLYCOLIC ACID & TRANEXAMIC ACID to effectively:
  • Whiten and brighten the skin without drying it.
  • Lighten scars, stretchmarks and dark areas on your skin.
  • Kill acne-causing bacteria to clear up pimples.
  • Reduce the appearance of oiliness of the skin.
  • Gently remove dead skin cells to reveal new, fresher, pinkish white skin

Best of all, it doesn't cause itchiness and drying of skin that can lead to premature aging.

Kojic Natural Soap is an excellent skin nourisher, this soap contains papaya enzymes and kojic acid that help improve skin texture and moisture content. It also helps lighten skin color. The unique combination of papaya enzymes, calamansi and kojic acid is very powerful and effective so you can naturally and safely even your skin tone. It has a refreshing tropical scent so you can have a pleasant spa experience every time you use it.

Your skin is like a sponge and it is porous. It soaks up everything that is put on it. That being said. Most commercial brands of soap use detergents, surfactants, dyes and other man-made chemicals that are hazardous to your skin and body.

Coconut Oil
Virgin coco oil
Lactic acid
Kojic acid


This soap does not contain artificial fragrances, artificial colours, hardeners, or any other artificial additives.  It is completely all-natural and is entirely handmade.