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Tawa-Tawa Herbal Tea (60g)

Tawa-Tawa Herbal Tea (60g)

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Tawa-tawa is is famous because of the healing properties of its milky juice. It contains contain triterpenes, phytosterols, tannins, polyphenols, and flavonoids.

This herb has gained widespread attention because of its ability to help patients recover from dengue. Folk wisdom regard it as a hemostatic, which may help explain why blood platelets increase after ingestion of a boiled decoction of the plant.



  • Anti-asthmatic
  • For other respiratory ailments (cough, bronchitis)
  • Anti-malarial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Anthelmintic
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Analgesic
  • Antipyretic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Diuretic
  • For digestive problems
  • Sedative/Anxiolytic
  • Antimalarial
  • Antihyperglycemic
  • Antihistaminic
  • Galactagogue
  • Anti-cancer/Anti-tumor



Pregnant and breast-feeding women.




This Herbal Tea comes with 15pcs Tea Bags, free of charge.

You can opt to use a tea strainer or tea pot if you have one, but since the herbal teas are in tea cut sizes, we recommend using the tea bags that this comes with.

How to make a perfect cup of HOT Nature's Apothecary Herbal Tea:

  • Start with fresh, cold water. (The better the water quality, the better the tea will taste.)
  • Place a tea bag in your favorite cup or mug.
  • Bring water to a rolling boil and immediately pour over your tea bag.
  • Steep for a good 3 to 5 minutes (recommended time for Herbal Tea. Great taste can't be rushed—it really does take the full time to release the tea's entire flavor.)
  • Remove the tea bag, relax and enjoy! (Serve it “clear” or try it with milk, honey and/or sugar.)

How to make a Single Serve Iced Tea (for a Single Glass)

  • Bring one cup of fresh water to a rolling boil.
  • Add 1 or 2 tea bags and steep 3 to 5 minutes. The longer you steep, the stronger the flavor. Stir before removing tea bag(s).
  • Add your favorite sweetener, if desired
  • Let cool.
  • Pour brewed tea into a large glass filled with ice. Enjoy!